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As an organization, we find the continuing attack on transgender children and families in several states deeply disturbing. Our neighbors to both the north and the south suffer this fresh injustice perpetrated by elected officials whose primary purpose should be to improve the lives of the people they serve.


A Tennessee bill restricts drag performances characterizing them as necessarily perverse theater which should be kept behind closed doors and away from children. That state doubled down on bigotry by also passing a bill which restricts gender-affirming care for transgender youth, despite the preponderance of medical opinions supporting such care. Tennessee is the 8th state in the nation to enact such a law. 


Alabama is still the only state that makes providing gender-affirming care a felony.

A recent Florida bill goes even further, allowing the state to take “emergency custody” of children who are receiving gender-affirming care. Furthermore, this bill shields parents who defy custody orders under the pretext of protecting transgender youth from receiving gender-affirming care. The new legislation classifies such care as “serious physical harm” and permits Florida courts to vacate custody orders from another court in another state.


Attacks on transgender children and adults and those who provide comfort and care are grotesque. These bills seek to vilify innocent people, including children, who are just trying to live authentic lives. They address a nonexistent threat and are based on ignorance and prejudice. As an organization that values all people and believes we are stronger when we embrace diversity, we stand adamantly opposed to these attacks which seek to intimidate, harass, and erase our transgender neighbors.


Based in Lawrence County in North Alabama, Southeastern Diversity Project was formed when a small group of friends wondered what we could do to positively impact our community. We had tired of the divisiveness that pervaded too many interactions. We felt that if people had more opportunities to interact with and learn from one another, then there would be no room for hate. Since our founding in 2020, we have been determined to make a difference. At the core of our efforts is creating safe and affirming spaces for any historically marginalized groups while bringing our community members together through education, acceptance, and advocacy programs. Our social  gatherings, outreach programs, and fundraisers are all-inclusive events that focus on finding common ground. Through all of our endeavors we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs that we are all created equal and that our diversity is a beautiful thing to be celebrated.

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Teaching ourselves and others to be warriors in the fight against division and champions for inclusivity


Amplifying voices of the unheard

Connecting people to resources for mental health, and physical and spiritual support


Hosting community events


Sharing an inclusive message


Fostering interfaith inclusivity


Growing cultural awareness


Vincent van Gogh

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

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